We are involved in many Clinical Research Trials here at Paxton Medical Group which are led by Universities or Pharmaceutical Companies. 

Dr Peter Arthur, Dr David Lant, Chris Howell and Pam Parry conduct and deliver research studies on a day to day basis. We are based at Claughton Medical Centre, however we see patients at Fender Way and St Catherine's Surgery and hope to support more local practices to deliver research in the future.

If you receive a letter asking you to take part, please do not hesitate to contact the surgery to speak to the Research Team, we will be happy to explain the study details to you. 

Clinical Research Trails are conducted in order to improve treatment and care in many areas of medicine and it is only by people kindly volunteering to be involved that we can achieve this. 

Your participation is entirely voluntary and does not affect your clinical care. 

We have studies in many areas of medicine and if you would like to be involved, please let us know. 

We hope to meet you in the future. 


Pam, Chris, Dr Taylor and Dr Arthur.