Townfield Health Centre Infomation

Important information for Townfield Health Centre patients

 Important Information: Please read the following infomation carefully as it relates to the changes being made to the Townfield Health Centre site.


The telephone number for Townfield health centre has changed. The new number is 0151 652 1688 - so please make sure you are calling the correct number when trying to contact the surgery.  

The reason for changing the phone number is to bring Townfield onto the same telephone system as the other two surgeries, Claughton Medical Centre & Fender Way Health Centre. By doing this it ensures the 3 practices can communicate with each other seamlessly. This will greatly benefit the staff at all 3 sites and all of our patients as it will ensure there is more staff available to answer your calls. 

More information about the merge between Paxton Medical Group (Claughton Medical Centre, fender Way health centre) and Townfield Health Centre can be found below. 


Paxton Medical Group, which consists of the practices at Claughton and Fender Way, is merging to create a single patient list with Townfield Health Centre. The three practices will come together to form Paxton Medical Group, pooling their management and clinical teams to offer improved consistency, patient choice and access, greater resilience and access to a wider range of services. Paxton Medical Group will effectively operate as one practice across three sites. Claughton and Fender Way have been merged for some time now with a commitment to high quality clinical care. This has resulted in a third-place ranking on Wirral for patient satisfaction in the 2022-2023 patient survey. We are proud and grateful for this appreciation and validation of the efforts we have made to provide excellent access to consistent high quality primary care services. We are now looking to extend this high level of service to the patients of Townfield Health Centre, without compromising and even improving the high quality of care delivered to existing Paxton patients.

On December 1st 2022 Paxton Medical Group took over patient care delivery at Townfield health Centre, our nearest neighbouring practice. This has meant our team delivering services over three sites and on two patient systems. Over the past ten years Townfield Health Centre has been subject to multiple changes in leadership, management and care providers. We understand this has been a difficult and frustrating time for the patients of Townfield and this was reflected in a relatively low patient satisfaction score in the most recent GP patient survey. We are grateful for the positive feedback we have received since taking over. We hope to establish an improved, expanded and long-lasting service with application of the consistent approach already offered to Claughton and Fender Way patients.

We understand that change can provoke anxiety for patients and staff. However, we believe that our actions during the transition period over the past nine months can reassure all our patients and staff that we can deliver on our aspiration of offering an improved service to patients at Townfield Health Centre without compromising our existing excellent services. We believe this merging of lists will enable improved consistency, choice, access and quality with additional opportunities for new and broader approaches to health and well-being for our community.

Please click the link below for our frequently asked questions;

If you have any queries or concerns relating to the merger between Townfield & Paxton, please email us via - please include your name, date of birth and contact details. We will aim to respond to you within 10 working days. 


Best wishes, 


Paxton Medical Group